Wow, I just spent WAY too much valuable thank you note time finding and suscribing to people’s journals…and I thought all this time only two people used it!

But God has just been blessing my socks off today, so I must talk about it. Typically Josh and I wake up together and do our quiet times at the same time, it’s about the only way we’ll know we have time for them and it really helps keep us accountable. But this morning, I knew I didn’t have to work today, so while he was having his quiet time and getting his shower, I made him a “special breakfast” – hashbrowns with cheese and eggs. Not only did he LIKE it, he didn’t die!!! I also packed his lunch faster than I ever have before – I handed him a $5 bill. Hopefully he chose something healthy.

So after hubby left for work (always one of the saddest times of my day) I DID have my quiet time, and then I buckled down and wrote fifteen thank you notes in one sitting. For those of you sitting there thinking “Where’s my thank you note, why don’t I have a thank you note???” I am sooooooooo sorry, I’m running far, far behind with them and have no excuses, but it’s coming, I promise!

SO, after killing my hand, I threw on some grubbies and I, Kara Linker, buckled down and washed a vehicle. (This way I’ll get more hubby time b/c he’ll only have one to wash tomorrow) And you know what? It was so hot I enjoyed it! But that’s not all! I then made the bed, did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, and swept the house! This wife was on a role! Then I ate lunch,. showered, and ran errands. Maybe I could be a mom someday afterall! And now I can go on my date with Josh tonight guilt-free…except for all the thank you notes I have left. Adventure Land, here we come! (It was going to be Water World, but it closes too early)

And a note of rejoicing: We’ve made some local friends! There’s a couple, Brandi and Kevin, here who got married on the same day that we did, and we’ve been hanging out with them. It’s SO nice to have someone to talk to that’s in the same situation that we are, and we’re doubly blessed b/c they have a washer but no dryer, and we have a dryer and no working washer! So for now we can share!

I also got my new social security card with my new name, so now all I have to do is change my drivers license, and I won’t have two names anymore. That gets really confusing.

God bless you this weekend!


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  1. Hey girl! It’s so awesome that you’re “mrs” kara now! It sounds like you’ve got the wife thing going pretty well. YAY! I’m still hoping that some of that cabin 9 magic will rub off on me one of these days! First you, then Melissa, i’m next in line right?? Anyways, I hope you’re doing great! good luck with the thank you notes! smoochies~ “miss” ansley

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