Happy Monday! I felt so bad, I complained all weekend about the people staying in the Jones House, one of the guest houses I clean. That house has the only washer and dryer that I can use, and when I was cleaning a different house on Friday, I went into the Jones house to wash some linens, and they were using the school’s washer and dryer. Which isn’t too big a deal, because there’s not like a sign on it or anything telling them not too. BUT they had not one, but TWO big fat cats in the KITCHEN! So I had to take the linens all the way to Blakely when Josh and I went “home” on Saturday (fortunately that house has enough extra linens that I could make up all the beds and put out enough towels and everything) and wash them in my wonderful mother-in-law’s washer and dryer. And of course I fussed the whole weekend about not having another washer and dryer and about having to clean up after the fugitive cats (which they may have actually gotten permission to have there, I don’t really know.) So then I go in to clean it this morning, all frustrated because I had to get it clean before someone else came in, and they had like picked up after themselves pretty well AND washed all the towels so all I had to wash was the sheets. (And there wasn’t any cat poop or anything). And you know, the fact that I didn’t have to wait on laundry Friday saved me a lot of time which I got to spend with Josh. You know, God is always at work, and sometimes I need to learn to shut my mouth and let Him handle things…

(for those of you who wonder why I don’t tell many stories, the length of this simple one explains!)


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