I know everyone is dying to know what the mystery weekend entailed, so I will sacrifice a few minutes of valuable homework/housework time to tell you:

Saturday: Husband tells me to dress up because we “might go dancing or something.” We leave at noonish, go to the post office and mail 20 thank you notes and a birthday present, go back to the house because Husband forgot some things, and hit the road. Long story short, we end up at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta to see The Phantom of the Opera… of course, that was extremely exciting, I recommend everyone that can see it to see it, and I would be thrilled to give you details if you ask, but I would hate to burden anyone on here. We ended the fabulous ending with a room on the 8th floor of the Courtyard Marriott with an incredible view of the city.

Sunday: Lots of rest and an intense Braves game, which was unfortunately lost, but was intense none the less. Then a drive to Marietta and finding a motel that was considerably cheaper than Courtyard Marriott Atlanta, but almost as nice. And dinner at a Mexican restaurant. By now Husband has given up on surprising me, but he has done considerably well considering how well we know each other.

Monday: A little more rest, and then a short drive to White Water. I had never been to this particular water park before, and it was very exciting. It doesn’t make the best posting material, but I will do my best: I went woosh and then woosh and then “Ahhhhhhh!” and then woosh and then Josh came in woosh behind me and then ker plunk. Followed by an enjoyable drive home and a late night stop to see family.

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband!


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  1. lol, your white water description made me giggle the most!! XD hehe. You’ll have to suggest to David to take me there, to the Fox. ;D Hehe. jk, but still. lol
    I’m so glad you had an enjoyable trip!! Congrats to my bro who planned it all out!! 😀 Yayyyyy Josh and Kara!! 😀

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