HA! Two entries in one week! God blessed me and allowed me to finish a take-home mid-term yesterday that’s due today and I had plenty of time to actually get some housework done! He is so awesome!

For any Lost fans out there, I apologize for my cousin’s character’s bad attitude, he seems to have become very bitter since he got shot at the end of the first season. I promise he’s nicer in real life!


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  1. lol. Good for you. I want to see the Lost series. I dunno when it comes on and I’ve missed way too much of it now. :p Oh well. Maybe a friend’ll buy it and I can borrow. lol

  2. I seriously just started watching Lost tonight when I watched part of the first season! Who’s your cousin? That’s crazy!! 🙂 Have a great weekend! xoxo, Melissa

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