YAY!!! My finals are FINALLY over! I know I didn’t do very well on all of them, not very well at all on a few. My nerves are totally shot and I feel like curling up in a ball and crying. But they’re all over and done with, and I don’t even know what I’m going to begin doing with my time!

One thing I’ve felt convicted about is my attitude towards grades; I always work really hard for them, but I don’t know that I really want them for God’s glory as much as for my own. I should always to my best for the purpose of glorifying God, but He may not prioritize perfection like I do. I guess the real test of whether I have grasped the concept for going to school for him, not for me, will come when I see the official grades for this semester on my transcript, I think the GPA will be going down some…


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  1. Hey, if you come get me..I’d be overjoyed to come help ya! 😉 Bake, that is. n.n hehe. Maybe one day we can schedule to do some baking, and on our way to or from the house, we can stop by and I can finish my Christmas shopping. 🙂 Yayyy! hehe.
    YAY for finals being over!! 😀 And yeah. God has a way of getting our attention sometimes with things we rarely even think about before. 🙂 Heh. I’ve learned that God wants me to try my best, and work for Him and His approval rather than the approval of friends or teachers… To where when I finish work for a class, I can look at it and be like “Will God be able to say ‘Well done, my little girl,’?” It kind of changes things. 🙂 Just try your best for God in WHATEVER you do! Grades, as well as any and EVERYthing else. 🙂
    Love you girl!!

  2. hey girl!! congrats on your finals being over!!! yay!!! i am glad that you enjoyed your christmas card. have a wonderful Christmas. Maybe sometime next semester we can get together since we are in the same state! i love you!

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