Now that I’m technologically proficient, I can start putting the pictures I keep talking about on here!

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This picture is on here in honor of Heather. Heather loves pickles, and I think they are disgusting. In fact, while we were rooming together, we had a shortlived “Pickle War” complete with a death threat to pickles on our marker board. But while Josh and I were in Montana on our honeymoon, we found that somebody had the crazy idea that if they named a restaurant “The Pickle Barrell”, people would have the desire to eat there. So apparently they did, and here am I disgusted at the restaurant’s sign. I think it’s gross, but we took a picture for Heather anyway. Bon appetit! (Ewww…)

On a more sober note, got my grade for the mid-term of my J Term today, and it wasn’t anywhere near what I expected. Uh-oh. Now I just have the final to pull my grade up, and I’m terrified of taking that test tomorrow. I wish I wasn’t so worried about grades, life would be much less stressful. But alas, God uses my weakest points to teach me lessons, and right now, that’s grades. I need to worry less about perfection for myself and more about what His desires for my life are. Wow…I fall so short of them…this class on Galatians has really reminded me of that. It’s so easy to fall into a “Christian groove” and not really have a passion for what I am doing. Part of the problem is I never go out of my comfort zone. I keep asking God to open my eyes for opportunities to do so, but I’m always too busy to see them. Wow, I just want to be real with people, and for the light of Christ to shine out of my life.

And I don’t want to study for this final, but off I go!


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  1. KARA!! I am super impressed with your tolerance for the pickle sign and your technological proficiency of recent times.
    I always wanted to throw out there that ANGELA THOMAS will be in Blakely Feb. 3-4, and since she is amazing, you should come and bring any other ladies you so desire! Just let Miss Lora Ann know..or if its easier, ME, and I’ll get it going!!

  2. What’s Megan talking about?
    Oh, and… AWWWW!!! Thank you so much Kara. πŸ™‚ I will miss our great pickle war!! hehe. :> *<3s teh pickles* n_n!!!
    (The misspelled on purpose)
    Anywho!! HOW ARE YOU DOING!? Going to mrs. Mary’s baby shower today. πŸ™‚ Didn’t know about it in time to ask you, I don’t think. :/ So sorry!! Found out when I went to eat tonight with momma about the shower, and that it’s at 10am, GA time, if you want to try and come? πŸ™‚ I just didn’t want to call really early and wake ya’ll up! n_n;;
    My phone’ll be on all night. I plan on leaving by 7:30 (at the latest), FL time. If you happen to get this before then, feel free to lem’me know!! n_n

    Heather πŸ™‚

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