Don’t Feel Like Doing Research…

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Yup, so my 40 source bibliography is due tomorrow. God gave it to me, and now I don’t feel like doing the follow through and actually researching the sources I have listed. Oh well, tough for me, I’ve got to do it! But I can update this…

Josh and I got to go to a marriage conference this weekend called “Love and Respect.” It was excellent, and I’m not just saying that because it gave me another source for my paper! The speaker touched on some really good topics, including how our culture has made marriage based soley around love when men don’t need love as much as they need respect. We should also not base our action towards our spouse on their behavior, we should do it “as unto Christ.”

Had my first Senior Class meeting Thursday, ended up signing up for the banquet committee because I didn’t want Amy Beth to be by herself. Fortunately a few others joined as well, it should be fun! We are currently thinking of doing a theme of…well, I suppose I should keep it a surprise until it’s officially voted on. Ava was definitely the youngest graduate at the meeting.

Watched The Sound of Music about three times this weekend collectively, and have been singing it ever since!

We get to dedicate Ava this Sunday! All within a 100 mile radius should attend. Thanks.


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