Hip Hip, Hooray!

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I need to go to bed, but I just thought I would officially announce that I have officially printed the first draft to my paper! I’m not’s saying it’s good or anything, but I’ve trudged through all the notecards, and I covered everything that I’m going to be able to, and no, I don’t have tables or appendixes, but it will be OK! I’m giving a copy of the draft for Dr. Knowles to tear up for me tomorrow, so until I get it back from her, I can actually…do homework for another class! Or work on my presentation. Anyway, it still feels pretty darn awesome. I’ll update on other stuff later.


One thought on “Hip Hip, Hooray!

  1. YAYYYYYY! *does a congratulations dance* n_n haha. Good deal, girl! We need to hang out soon to celebrate, huh? 🙂 You have any free time over the next two weeks? Oh, and HEY! You going to Kristy’s prom? :)Let me know,Heather :)P.S. I guess I need to update my xanga soon too, huh? 😉

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