“In the same way…

let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matt 5)


My new hobby is “candle photography!” These pictures turned out so cool! We had Heather’s commissioning service the other night for her Russia trip…complete with candles to remind us how spiritually we are lights to a dark world. Russia is a very dark country, and the picture on the right shows how powerful Heather’s light is going to be there! Please pray that her light will show the people the face of Jesus! She’ll be there until June 7.

Ava and I have been very busy this week, I think that all job searching, if we do any at all, will definitely be put on hold until after VBS! I still pretty much have to do all my preparations for VBS. Meghan and I have been collaborating on Children’s Camp material, and that is a lot more fun than I thought it could be! Yesterday Ava and I went with Linsey to her doctor’s appointment (she’s having a baby in 3 weeks!!! give or take, you know…) and today we went with Amy to job search. This weekend we’re going to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and visit some friends! And Josh’s birthday is Sunday! His only request is to go see Pirates III…we’re pretty excited about that!

I’m having a hard time repositioning my quiet time with this change in schedule…that is something I’m working on. But God is so good to our family. I will leave you with a shot of my sweet baby before I had to wake her up at o’dark thirty to see Aunt Heather off…



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