I’ve had plenty of stuff to post about, and I’ve been wanting to, but I’ve had trouble doing it. Well, our air conditioner has been out for almost two weeks in our house. The compressor’s broken, which is pretty pricey to fix. Our original plan was to wait until we could save up the money before we fixed it, which could take several months. I caved yesterday. We still won’t go into further debt, I have some money in an old bank account we’re going to use, but I’m disappointed in myself for giving in so easily. It would be different if it was just me here during the day, but I have an eight month old that is very uncomfortable, and I can’t seem to keep her cool with fans. On top of that, being in a hot house all day makes me SO irratible, I told Josh that if we don’t get it fixed, I’m going to have to find a job to get me and Ava out of the house. So we’re going to get it fixed.

On top of that, I seem to have something funky going on with my eye, and it’s giving me constant headaches. And I can’t just up and go to the doctor, because that costs money too! And it’s that time of month. And all of this has made me A LOT more emotional than usual.

I have a feeling all this could be an attack as well; this week is VBS, and I’m teaching 1st and 2nd grade. What better to distract me from preparing a lesson than a hot house and a nagging headache??? Tonight is the most important night of all; it’s when we present the plan of salvation. My prayer is that God will help me prepare for this in all ways.

VBS has been great so far! On Monday night we had 22 in my class, and last night we had 26!!! (This is in a small town and almost twice the number that I had last year.) God has blessed me this year with not only my husband to provide crowd control, but two other helpers besides him that actually…well…HELP! It’s really thrilling!


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  1. Awwww. Kara. Glad to hear things are going well with VBS! 😀 That’s WONDERFUL! As for everything else, how much will it cost to have the AC thing fixed, and any clue on the possible cost of the dr. bill? Let me know. I may be able to help ya’ll out a little bit.. Just let me know.
    heather 🙂

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