I wrote a long entry yesterday explaining the circumstances of this possible job that I have been eluding too…and then a thunder storm passed and our DSL crashed and I lost it all. So I may tell you the whole story some other time, but right now let me just say…

I am being looked at by the Personnel Committee of the church we have just joined, Cloverdale Baptist Church, to possibly be the Children’s Director there. I am currently on a “trial run” to see if the job is a good fit with me. The stats of the position are this:

  • 10 hours a week during the school year, 20 hours a week during the summer
  • I will be responsible for teaching “Children’s Church” to first through third graders during the morning worship service
  • I will be responsible for a five minute “Children’s Sermon” during the evening service in front of the whole church
  • I will be responsible for making sure teachers are arriving on time, that all slots are filled, etc (all that administrative stuff…)
  • During the summer, I will either direct or co-direct VBS
  • During the summer, I will be in charge of children’s Wednesday night programs while the missions organizations are on hiatus
  • During the summer, I will be responsible for a three hour children’s activity during the day (say, Thursday afternoons) that can include on-site activities and field trips

You get the idea. I would love to tell you about God has orchestrated this, but there simply isn’t time for me to type it again! But I am excited about this, mainly because it is a chance to minister, and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do since I graduated. This ministry just happens to provide some to help us get out of debt, as well! And I won’t have to use day care for Ava, she’ll either be in the church nursery, with me, or with an occasional sitter.

So this week I’m going to the church every day (until I get this done) to work on decorating the Children’s Chapel. The church’s old chapel is dedicated to the children, and it was remodeled a few weeks ago. It is be-u-ti-ful!

I think Ava may be cutting another tooth, all of a sudden she hates being put down for a nap/bed and cries hysterically. It’s really heartbreaking, not to mention exhausting! But she went to her nine month check-up last week, and is very healthy, and we got the green light to start giving her table food! So now she’s eating pretty much everything that we are! It was fun going grocery shopping and picking out fresh fruits for her to eat. It’s also going to help us to eat even healthier since she’s eating off our plates!


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