On Babies and Grad School

So we’re not sure what’s going on, but Ava woke up like four times during the night…NOT typically her!!! I have a wonderful hubby who got up each time (we have it backwards…most of the time the mother wakes up and the father doesn’t…I sleep through a lot of Ava’s night issues!), so I really can’t complain. THEN she woke up for good like an hour and a half before her typical time…so she stayed in bed with me for a while, and then I finally got up. I changed her and put her in her play pen so that I could fix her breakfast…and she fell asleep! So now we’re kind of stuck…I got the house all clean yesterday because we were having guests over, and I got a lot of what I needed to do at the church done because the youth minister (bless him!) knew I was there and sent his two little girls into the Children’s Chapel to play with Ava so I was able to really get a lot done. So today I figured I would go up to the church for maybe an hour to do some finishing touches, and other than that I should really be able to just hang out with Ava…and now she’s sleeping, and I don’t have any cleaning to do! What I really need is a SHOWER, but I know it would wake her up if I moved her to the bathroom door…

So, thinking about baby number 2… I don’t know… We want a big family, but how to time it??? Of course, it’s really God’s decision, which is really comforting… I think I mainly hesitate on continuing our family out of selfishness… Since I graduated, I’ve really experienced the stay-at-home mom thing…and I love my daughter…but sometimes it’s hard being stuck at home! Of course it’s not HER fault at all, but I start thinking about the field that I graduated in and how much I would love to work in it, and I kind of wish that I could work! However, I know that the best thing I can do for my family is stay at home with my children…

My wonderful hubby has seen my “cabin fever,” ergo, we’ve started looking at masters programs for me! And I know what I want to do! The local university has a ton of psychology/counseling related masters degrees, but the one that really gets my attention is one called Community Counseling. It’s a 48 hour program that is geared towards licensure. ALL of the courses are night courses because they’re designed for people who are working…so, we won’t need child care! I think I’m going to apply and try to start in the spring! I’m just planning on taking one class at a time, so that I won’t miss out on family time, and so that we can pay for it as we go. (Although anything that costs money is expensive right now, the credit hours actually cost less than my bachelor’s hours did!) We’re actually thinking about Josh and I taking our classes on the same night each week (he’s working on his M.Div,) and getting a sitter that night, so that it won’t be like Josh is gone one night, I’m gone another night, we’re at church a couple of nights…whoops, there went our week! If we can find a sitter Ava likes, then we could actually take our classes on the same night and have the rest of the week to spend together as a family. It’s good to keep dreaming…


2 thoughts on “On Babies and Grad School

  1. As soon as I’m back in town next week, I could start trying to come over more and get Ava more familiar with me, if you think that’d work? Just let me know. 🙂 Give me a call sometime.
    <3, HC

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by and saying “hello!”
    Way to go on being a director for Children’s Church. I teach 4-year-olds at my church and also teach pre-k and kindergarten choir during the summer. This summer we had record numbers- about 120 total. Much, much fun. I love working with kids that age. They are so precious. Anyway, based on some of your entries that I’ve read…you’re going to be great as that role.
    Keep up the great work- at home, at church, and with your family. It’s priceless!

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