And We’re Back!

The Smokies were great! A few highlights…


Of course going through Atlanta to get there meant that we had to stop at a Braves game…and they won!!!


The first of several hikes!


Tuckaleechee Caverns: Josh’s first time in a cave!!!


In Cades Cove!


Don’t you wish your pool had this view???


Josh bravely entering THE SINKS!

So now we’re back, and of course I came home sick. God got me through all of my Children’s activities Sunday, and they offered me the job even though I sounded like a frog. So that’s exciting! Unfortunately, all of the congestion backed up into my ears, so now I have an ear infection. Fortunately, Josh took me to the clinic last night and I got antibiotics, AND Josh found someone to keep Ava for me today so that I can actually rest.

SO, does anybody know how to relieve adult earaches???


2 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. I don’t have a remedy.. but I’m pretty sure that lots of ice cream helps… it has too! And it must be the week for adult ear infections because my boss has one and it is way way way way way adult.heart heart,and I added a new entry since you started stalking me! Didn’t want you to be short read!

  2. Haha, awwww. Kara.. *pat,pat* My mom may know how to relieve your aches. I don’t have a clue yet, though. hm.
    Let me know where all ya’ll went!! It looks SO pretty and scenic! I’d like to try and take a trip there one day, perhaps. 🙂 Let me know the cost, and the places, kay? 🙂 Thanks!
    <3, HC

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