First Day of School…

…for my hubby! He started his Master’s Courses for the semester this evening. Which means that me and the baby are on my own…and he’s stuck in Systematic Theology! hehehe…

It was loud and chaotic, but I think the kids really enjoyed church last night. There were at least two that REALLY did not want to be there, but by the end of the night, Josh said he overheard them telling people how much fun they were having! In order to “decorate” for our Christmas in August party next week, I had them make decorations for our bulletin board. I finished putting up all their stuff today, I’ll have to take a picture and show you! I think it should be called a “Christmas in August Blizzard”, because there are MILLIONS of paper snowflakes, many of which are in bizarre shapes! And the kids made a LONG Christmas paper chain that I draped around the top of the room by *ahem* borrowing the ladder that’s being used for the remodeling of the children’s wing and bravely climbing as high as I dared. Too bad it will probably be broken in several places by the time the kids see it on Sunday, one of my biggest challenges so far is keeping my decorations up! The decorations are not quite as neat, orderly, and ascetic as some may wish them to be; but I am building on what I learned at the leadership conference last week: children like to have ownership of their area; they love it when you display their pictures and artwork! I thought that this might test this theory….I am hoping for a positive reaction when they see their creations on display!


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