So I’ve found a new small vocation (that works around my full time job of being a mother…) engagement picture taking! Yesterday my dear friend Amy and her fiance Garrett allowed me to take their engagement pictures. Along with the typical couple-close-up-with-ring-showing shots, they allowed me to experiment with some more artsy ones like this…


and this…

3118 blurred

So, yeah, I never thought I’d care for photography, but this amateur stuff is pretty fun!

It was wonderful, not too long after I posted on Thursday (I was a little bit down, you might be able to tell), a couple called to see if we wanted to go out with them and their kids on Friday night. I can’t remember the last time we hung out with another married couple! It was very refreshing! Saturday I took engagement pics and Josh and I had some quality time after Ava went to bed. We watched Bridge to Terebithia. I had been wanting to watch it because I read the book as a child. The movie was very good!

Church went well today as far as I can tell. It was hard for the children to focus this morning, but I already knew that Satan was going to attack because a big part of the lesson was the salvation message.

Ava has started imitating us in blowing kisses! She becomes more fun every day!


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  1. WOW! Dang girl. Those pics are GOOD. Very artsy. I like them a TON! You should take photos of me and Jeremy sometime, kay?! ;D Hehe. Anywho. Where’d you take these photos at? I like the location of the top one. Anywho! I like the fade in the second photo.
    Awww! Blowing kisses?! 😀 hehe Glad you got to hang out with married folks. 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be married and we can hang out too. 😉 hehe.
    Can I see the rest of the photos soon? 🙂
    <3, HC

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