Ava’s first pony tail!


Oh! The despair of growing up:

I’m starting to really like Wednesday nights now that normal activities have started for the kids. I don’t have anything to teach, I just have to make sure that all the children’s teachers show up. So I “float” around and make sure all is well…and then I can do my own work! Tonight I started drawing off plastic tablecloths for the Fall Festival. I finished two and the good part is…I didn’t take them home! I immediately found volunteers to send them with to be painted! Woohoo!

I’m babysitting Friday, a friend of mine is coming Saturdayish, and some friends of Josh’s are coming Sundayish. So I really need to finish all my work tomorrow so that I can actually focus on other things this weekend. It is a worthy goal, anyway!


3 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. thanks! everything is so exciting and new…i just may take you up on it!
    and ps- your little grl is adorable! my mom had my hair on top of my head the minute she could…it is so cute!

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