Josh has class tonight, so this is Ava’s “Mommy and Me” time. We’ve had a blast kissing Staples the stuffed dog (yes, I would kiss it and then she would “kiss” it through her pacifier), eating more than we should, and dancing to the radio. But I must confess that I am running out of things to do!

My current dilemma for church is how to end Wednesday nights. Our music minister ends choir late on a regular basis (which I know is a common occurence, i am not pointing fingers at him!) This means that the children whose parents are in choir are released from their activities and run wildly about the church grounds with no official adult supervision until their parents are released from choir. I can think of several ways to handle this, but I’m not really sure what would work best. This is a common issue in churches, what does your church do?


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  1. Hey Kara! Our kids activities that coordinate with parent classes end in a couple of ways. Some of the mission groups have filler activities – color sheets, games, etc – that all the kids do until their parents show up and actually pick them up from the room and some of the groups take their kids to the playground area and the parents can pick them up.. I don’t know if you have any hand puppets, we call them critter puppets, but our choir kids love those so we do that for a time filler when we need one. Just some thoughts that I’ve heard or seen over at FBC.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site… We have classes that last a bit longer then pratice or pratice runs earlier then their classes but I would see if they could schedule things better. Hope that helps. Have a good weekend

  3. i have an idea, if you have a empty big room you could set up a small inside play area and tables for coloring and puzzles

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