This birthday celebration for my daughter…yes, the one that is going to be extremely low-key? I’ve gotten invitations, have out-sourced the cake (to my mother), have bought a birthday outfit (the only time I’ve ever bought clothes for Ava before was when we had matching Valentines t-shirts) WITH matching hair bow, and even got some wrapping paper. But since I decided that it would be low-key, and have done all these things in advance, it still feels low-key. And the birthday was really just an excuse to do these things…

We also purchased her gift tonight: a lavender, shaggy rug for her room. (Shhhh…don’t tell her). She has hardwood floor in her room, and we really wanted to put some carpet in it so that it would be more conducive to play. The rug we found is a little smaller than I wanted it, but it’s still a good size and it’s going to match the room really well. We’re also going to start a journal on her first birthday that we write in every day. We’ll give it to her…I suppose when she gets married. The nice thing about gift holidays right now is we can take advantage of them to get things that we needed anyway!

Well, I finally solved a situation here at home. The problem? Bath time. Ava had really outgrown the little tub we’ve been using for her. It converts into a bath seat that you use in the tub. We tried it, and she HATED it. She just screamed and screamed! I hated it, too – it was incredibly uncomfortable for me, and I didn’t feel like I was adequately cleaning anything but her hair. The solution: the kitchen sink! Just lay a hand towel at the bottom of it! She fits in it, we don’t get as much water everywhere, I don’t have to squat, AND I can stand her up to clean her hind parts really good! It’s so much better than all this high-tech baby stuff, I’ll probably bathe her in it until she’s big enough to just take a shower with me!

Big day at church tomorrow – Children’s Church, Fall Festival Leadership Team meeting, AND I’m teaching Discipleship Training by myself. Plus I’ll be implementing a new discipline plan (thanks to the contributions of some friends!)

Does anybody order prints of photos off the internet? I bought Amy’s engagement book today, but I still need to get prints of the pictures! Parenting magazines always has coupons for Winkflash – are they any good? I really would like to do her engagement book before she gets married…it seems to be logical! I need to start doing at least one book for Ava anyway, and although we’ve been printing pictures all this time, it seems like for a large number of pictures it may be a little cheaper and less time consuming to order them if the deal arises.


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  1. I use and have ordered prints off there before. also isn’t a bad idea, plus you can pick them up at a local walmart store.

  2. i’ve been wanting to start journals for alex and livi….i really need to start it soon. i think they’ll cherish it when they’re older! i had letters to ‘my future hubby’ aka doug to give him.

  3. I’ve used several different sites but Walmart is really great.. its cheap and the print quality is really great.. and you can pick them up in store or get them mailed to you!! Its quite fabulous! I ordered 200 prints for less than $30 and the only bad prints were because of the photographer! haha!We were kitchen sink babies and we turned out fine!

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