For those of you who check the site every day only to find that I haven’t updated, I feel the need to update!

This week has been pretty packed, but very productive! We went to a wedding for Josh’s coworker’s daughter on Saturday. It was pretty strange feeling because we did not know the girl personally, so it felt like we were intruding on someone’s wedding. But it was pretty (October weddings usually are)!

Sunday was the big day: Ava’s birthday party! I think it was a huge success, almost everyone that was invited, came! There was enough cake for everyone, and Ava was good!


She did pretty good not making a mess during her first piece of birthday cake, we just had to take her outside and dust her off afterwards!


The best thing about gifts is the tissue paper.


Her favorite gift: a card that played the “Sleeping Beauty” song when opened. This is the only picture that partially captures the joy that Ava experienced upon the continual opening of the card.


Along with co-workers and family, we had a great bunch of friends come from out of town just for the occasion!

The beginning of my week was extra fun because Lauren was on fall break and stayed until Tuesday! It was good to have company, and also good to have an extra set of hands to help with Ava!

I’ve spent the week painting for Fall Festival AND Children’s Church. But I have declared myself done for a while, I took the paints back up to the church yesterday so that other people can use them. I think I am burned out on drawing off and painting for a while! And I’ve been particularly blessed; I thought that it would be hard to get all my hours in this week due to all the extra things going on. But when I got up this morning, I added my time sheet up, and if my calculations are correct, I’m five minutes away from having all my hours in…and it’s only Friday morning!

And now something for your amusement! I have seen other people post obscure, random, hilarious things on Xanga that they have found on the internet, but I confess I never have time to look for such things. However, this has come right into our home, in the form of a birthday gift for Ava. I should have known something was a little off when this toy was called the “Wonderful Set,” but I didn’t realize how off until I took the time to read the box the other day. This item was made in China, so my guess is the inscription on the box was created soley by the use of the Chinese-English dictionary. This would probably make perfect sense in Chinese, but I believe that the meanings of the idiomatic phrases are lost in translation. So here you are, word for word, punctuation for punctuation, the inscriptions on the box of the “Wonderful Set,” a six sided toy that can also be separated into six different toys designed to help a baby’s hand-eye coordination.

Wonderful Set

Side One:

Use your key in the side caculating rail.
you can easily separate this toy to six pieces for your different
little friends and play together at the same time.
meanwhile train your baby hand skill for his develop in each
other corporation.

Side Two:

Use your hand you can try to
combine these game pieces into
one magic cube for another
amusing time.
This play will meet your baby
great satisfaction and wonderful

Give you a wonderful
play time!!!

– This toy supply you many kinds of
play games.
– Let’s have a good time together.
– Happy joy graceful and convenient
– your best choice.

(This inspires me to design toys, or atleast their packaging. This also gives Josh, who is horrible at grammar, hope that he can still make an impact on the industrial world.)


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