I don’t see the word “rest” in “weekend”!

Ava is doing much better! She broke out in a rash all over on Wednesday, but that’s also when she quit having fever and started eating normally. I’ve been given all sorts of ideas of what could have been the problem, but I’m still thinking that it was the shot due to the order in which all the symptoms happened. But she’s alright now, although she’s still pretty cranky and more cuddly than usual. I’m going to try to put her back on a normal nap schedule today and see if that helps!

I’m afraid I have more to do than could possibly be done before Sunday. Well, I take that back, it COULD be done before Sunday, but not when I need to take care of a baby, clean the house, and take care of a hubby! I invited a few people over for dinner, which has its positives and negatives. Positives: the house will get clean today. Negatives: I have to clean the house today! It does need to be done….along with everything else!

Our church is doing visitation on Monday night to follow-up on the prospects that came to Fall Festival. That’s great, except I had already scheduled a Children’s Committee meeting that night to plan our Christmas event! I foresee that this job is going to consist of a series of schedule conflicts….


One thought on “I don’t see the word “rest” in “weekend”!

  1. Hey girl! Need some help? Give me a call sometime.. So long as you let me know a day or two in advance, I should be good to come and help you in any way I can. 🙂 Just let me know how the Lord could use me to help you! n_n
    Love ya, and hope things work out alright this up-coming week for you!
    What are sisters for?
    <3, HC 🙂

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