Wow, 62 credits!

Xanga keeps telling me that I have all these credits. Are they like college credits??? That’s like 2/3 of the grad school program I want to do already! Are they like store credits??? We need some diapers! Hmmmm…

Anyway, I suppose I can now take a moment out of my busy life and write about the wonderful holiday. My “Thanksgiving season” got kicked off on Tuesday when I started baking. My mother came on Wednesday morning and help me continue the baking process. Then Wednesday afternoon, I went over to Georgia and did my first EVER semi-professional photo shoot! Yes, yes, the Hunter family were my gracious guinea pigs. It was great fun! Then back to my house for a chili dinner for one of the families in our church.

Thursday, we made the trek to Blakely and had Thanksgiving with Josh’s family.



After GOOD eating (particularly for Ava), we headed up to Atlanta to my Uncle David’s beautiful house. On Friday, we had the Holloway extended family Thanksgiving dinner. This was great, we missed it last year because Ava was so tiny, so this was almost everyone’s first time meeting Ava!


(My fab cousins, Rebecca and Mary Evelyn. The last time we took a picture of the three of us, it looked like I had a basketball up my shirt!)


(Yes, our family celebrity…but I really wanted this picture so I’d have one with his wife, Yessica!)

On Saturday, we headed over to Winder to see Mandi, Nettie, and Lauren since we were so close, and then it was back home!


Some funny notes from the weekend: When we woke up Thursday morning it was WARM. We were running late and in a hurry, so I packed clothes for our south Alabama warm weather. By the time we got to north Georgia, it was not so warm anymore! Therefore, Josh was a sweetie and took me to get those shoes that I said I found last week! I didn’t deserve such kindness or expense, but my feet felt a whole lot better…and I got some cute shoes out of the deal!

Ava ate so much!!! Especially sweets – every person that got dessert had her begging for food, and since we all got dessert at different times…well, so did she! I guess I don’t mind so much if she splurges when she’s around family, as long as I keep her healthy at home!

I have SO much to do this week, I’m writing a curriculum for December’s children’s church since what I have really doesn’t fit the Christmas season. I have to totally re-decorate the Children’s Chapel, including putting up a tree. AND I have to continue to prepare for our Children’s Christmas party, which is less than two weeks away! Oh well, at least the preparations will help me start the Christmas spirit!


One thought on “Wow, 62 credits!

  1. You should read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” to get you in the Christmas mood. I just read it to my kids, and I love that book more and more every time!

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