The most wonderful time of the year…


I sit here at my computer a releaved woman! This past weekend was supposed to be extremely stressful, but instead, it was quite enjoyable!

It all started Friday. The original plan was something like this: pick up children from school. meet with in-laws for dinner and live nativity, while sitting children that I had picked up from school. go to church member’s house for dessert and gift exchange for the children. This was a whole lot for little introverted me, and I was tired just thinking about it! But God provided a repreive; the night before, I got a phone call letting me know that the party was canceled because the hostess’s daughter had a virus. Then, Friday morning, I got a phone call letting me know that the children in question’s father was taking the day off work, so I didn’t have to pick them up from school! That made Friday much more manageable! The above picture is at the live nativity. It was done by our Baptist Children’s Home…it was great!

Saturday was a big day…it was the Children’s Department Christmas event. It ended up being 10:00 – 2:00. I have never done a day time Christmas event before, but it was wonderful with daylight! We went caroling, had lunch, opened toys that will go to needy children, made picture frames, made Christmas cards for missionaries, and played games. I had the parents come with their children for this. It was awesome, and so easy! I am so glad I did Fall Festival first, it has made all other events feel like a piece of cake!

That night was our Sunday School class party. I was embarrassed at first…I was under the impression that this would be a kid-friendly event, so I didn’t take the time to look for a baby sitter. Then when we got there, I discovered we were the only parents that did not get a sitter! I kind of thought, “we might as well go home now, I’m going to spend all of my time trying to keep Ava out of the breakable decorations, she’s going to get tired and cranky, and I won’t get to hang out with the ‘grown ups’ at all.” But we did end up having a good time, Ava was cranky at the beginning but was happy at the end, and another girl joined me playing with her in the floor so I didn’t have to feel isolated!

Children’s Church went so well yesterday, I’ve really enjoyed teaching the Christmas curriculum that I had the opportunity to write. We had a smaller group of kids, but that helped them keep a longer attention span! Our children did their choir musical last night and did a great job! So now I’ve got all my big Christmas stuff done for church! The hours will be slimmer for the next three weeks, but I’m trying not to worry about that, I’ll have more than I can do in January!


3 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year…

  1. HI Kara! it’s nice to meet you! πŸ˜‰ thanks for checking out my blog. How long have you been a children’s dir. at your church?

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