I got this e-mail from “Compare People”, which is an application on Facebook that I choose not to have. It was so amusing, I must share:

Here is what your friends think about…

… your strengths:

best shopping companion
most helpful

… your weaknesses:

hardest worker
best travel companion

First of all, if the latter two are my weaknesses, I like being weak! Second of all, who is doing the voting??? One person, maybe (after all, I shop and travel with very few people to begin with), but I very much doubt that I have hordes of friends out there fighting to make me listed as the “happiest” person on Facebook. But it’s a funny thought!

Anyway, this is and INCREDIBLY busy week! I really should be working right now, but I decided for the sake of my stress level to not kill myself today. The work will still be there tomorrow! But I have had four meetings (one of which is this afternoon), as well as trying to throw together publicity for our Easter egg hunt, and other things that don’t amount to much but sure wear me out! In addition, we’ll be leaving Friday morning for a weekend of travelling. I really shouldn’t be stressed about that, I should really be happy…it necessitated me having to take a Sunday off from church (the first one since November!), and Josh will do most of the driving, so I’m sure I’ll actually enjoy it. But you know, you think of all the stuff you have to do before you leave, and all the packing you’ll have to do…and you can’t help letting it hang over your head!

Yesterday was discouraging and draining…but God is good, and this morning I feel much better. Oh, and last night, we had to buy Josh a suit…some things are coming up that require one, and he didn’t have one that fits! But after looking at suit after suit last night and the prices, even the “sales,” I am SO glad that I’m not a man! They’re expensive AND impractical! But we managed to find a jacket, pants, and shirt that fits him, and he already had a great tie. I must say he looks quite dashing!


One thought on “

  1. Awww.. hehe. Ya’ll are too precious! I hope to have a God-honoring marriage like that one day, me thinks. 😉
    And yeah.. if those are your weaknesses, ENJOY being weak! lol
    <3, HC 😉

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