And the Saga Continues…

Well, the sleep problem is not easily solved. All the “experts” (professional and otherwise!) say that you’re supposed to let a baby cry it out, soothe themselves, and go to sleep on their own. This is an excellent principal…in theory! But when the reality is two exhausted parents and a child who doesn’t stop screaming…well, rules start going out the window! So we’ve developed a system…

We put my glider rocker (which is particularly comfy) in Ava’s room. When we lay her down at night (or for a nap), one of us sits with her while she falls asleep. Now, if she starts getting up every minute and wanting to play, I WILL leave her for 15 – 30 minutes to cry…by then she has exhausted herself and goes to sleep without a problem when I come back and lay her down! (This is usually what happens at nap time, I guess with the day light she has convinced herself that she does not need the sleep.)

Well, that works for naps and bedtime, but what about when she wakes up in the middle of the night? At first I had this rule: if she wakes up before 4:00, one of us goes back in there and sits with her while she goes to sleep. After 4, just go ahead and throw her in bed with us. But we’re liking her in bed with us less and less, so we’re still working on our middle of the night system. For example, last night she woke up at 11:30. Josh laid her down, let her cry for a while, laid her back down and sat with her until she fell asleep. She was back up at 4:30. I went and laid her down and sat there, and she quickly dozed off. But she was sleeping lightly, and as soon as I left and closed the door she started screaming again. So I returned and sat there. I finally ended up laying in the floor next to her crib and used a teddy bear as a pillow. That’s probably not the best thing for a pregnant person to do, but I’m not going to get any sleep in my own bed while I listen to the baby scream, either! Needless to say, I’ve been in a fog all day, and as soon as I finish this blog, I’m going to lay down for the remainder of her nap.

Went to the doctor today and heard the heartbeat! I was a little nervous about my weight gain…my doctor is particular about weight, and I felt like I had gained AT LEAST five pounds since my last appointment! However, I had not gained ANY! Consequently, she actually gave me PERMISSION to eat an occassional bowl of ice cream! (NOT that I need that, we have it about 4 times a week, but for her to tell me to was very much out of her character!) So indeed, I was a very happy li’l mama. It was also nice because Josh actually got off work, came and got me, and took me to lunch afterwards. He goes to class on Thursday nights so typically we don’t see each other at all on Thursdays, so it was nice to have some time together! If we have trouble making that happen now, I don’t know what it will be like when we have 2 kids!

And a side note on the weight gain thing: I have discovered something that will probably take care of my weight gain for the remainder of my pregnancy: Double Stuffed Cool Mint Cream Oreos! Wow!

AND speaking of spending quality time with my hubby (sorry about my scatter-brained writing!), we do have something nice coming up! My birthday is on a Saturday this year (the 26th), and Josh is making arrangements for Ava’s Gigi to keep her Friday night, and for him to get off at lunch on Friday, and he is planning on taking me to the beach to spend the night! Hooray! We’ve been longing for a get-away for quite some time! I’m pretty darn excited!

And one more random note to add to the hodge-podge of this blog: An accolade goes to my SIL, Heather, for doing a GREAT job on her Senior Research Presentation yesterday! I don’t know if any of you remember me talking about doing this last year, but it’s kind of like a mini-thesis that our major is required to do at our college. Anyway, Heather’s been working on hers for quite some time, and I had the privilege of going yesterday to see her present her work to the class. She did a fabulous job and had the class interested and involved! Heather, you did so good, that if they’re not gone before you’re here next, I’ll share my mint oreos with you!


3 thoughts on “And the Saga Continues…

  1. Alex had a really hard time and around a yr old I had to let him do the whole crying it out. And yeah, it was soooo hard for me but it worked and it kept my sanity. And it only took about two weeks for him to start to soothe himself

  2. Don’t worry about your weight gain. Eat healthy foods (not low fat) when you’re hungry. Your body will tell you when it needs extra. It’s ok if your body tells you that you need oreos, just make sure to get lots or protein too. Every woman gains differently with each pregnancy. Don’t worry about what the doctor says about weight. Good luck with the sleep thing.

  3. Yay! Oreos! Haha, thanks. πŸ™‚ If I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you, would there be an ideal time that week or the week after to bring you by a little something and sing happy birthday to you? πŸ™‚
    Love you,
    Heather πŸ™‚

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