My birthday weekend was so incredible, I really don’t know if I should talk about it! I mean, I don’t want to spark any jealousy…it was so much more than I deserved or even imagined!

We started off Thursday night with Heather’s graduation banquet. I had never been to one at BCF (we cancelled ours the semester I graduated because we didn’t sell enough tickets ), so I really didn’t know what to expect. We ended up having a great time! Here is the fam… (It was a black and white theme, which added to the fun!)


Friday morning Ava’s Gigi came and got her very early, and Josh got off at 10:00! We were able to take our time packing and headed to the beach on our own time.

We got to the beach a couple hours before check-in at our hotel, so we walked around the public beach some and then visited the brand new open air mall that’s popped up in the two years that we haven’t been there! The weather was incredible the whole weekend by the way!

Once checked-in at the hotel and figured out how to get to our room (that was an adventure all in itself!) we were greeted with this view…


That night we dressed up and Josh took me to a fancy dinner…


Where we ate a LOT!

Since we didn’t have the baby, one would think we’d go do something after dinner…but we were both pooped and ready to relax on that king sized bed and watch The Learning Channel!

The next day we were able to take our time getting ready and checking out, then we went to a souvenir shop, and then back to the public beach! I even put my feet in the water!


Then we ate lunch and the best part…a couple’s massage, including a special prenatal massage for me!!! I never had one while I was pregnant with Ava, and this one was AMAZING! On a whim we found this brand new massage therapy clinic in the new mall complex, and we gave it a shot! It was super cheap, and a lot more professional than the massage we got on our honeymoon! We snuck a picture of the sign…


So then we headed back to Josh’s parents to get the baby. Josh had said they had something going on that evening so we had to pick the baby up at a particular time, so I wasn’t expecting much else that day. But when we got there, they had a surprise steak dinner waiting for me! (my father-in-law grills the best steaks!) That was very sneaky…


(Note on the 18th crossed out: apparently the word got out via xanga!)

NOT ONLY that, but I wasn’t expecting any more presents, because I was told that the getaway weekend was my present. (And that was FINE with me!!!) But apparently that was not the case, because Josh and both sides of parents got together and gave me…a new camera!!! Now Josh has tried to teach me the name of it so I will know when people ask, but all I can tell you is it’s an Olympus, it has a really big flash, a really big zoom, it can take up to 3 frames per second, and it comes with a remote cable so when I get really good I can even use that! This was a gift I wasn’t expecting for several years! I’ve got to learn to use it this week so that I can start practicing with it at the 3 graduations we have this month!

Needless to say, I was completely spoiled this weekend! But don’t worry, this week is back to the real world…there are plenty of church things coming up in May!


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  1. aww…that sounds like so much fun! yeah for a pregnancy massage, it will help you, if you can you should continue getting them (i work at a spa…lol)

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