On Butts and Other Matters

We made it through the weekend without any hitches!!! The butt sale went extremely well for a first time experience. (Where where the “missing butts”? As it turns out, there were two butts to a pack!) Everyone loved the way the butts tasted, and although the ribs were too salty, they know what to do with them next time. They didn’t sell them all, but the ones left over were sold at church yesterday at a discounted (but still profitable) price. We’re not sure how much profit we made after all of our expenses, but were thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $800.00. That may not be the astronomical number we were hoping for, but it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at! I think for a first time experience on a busy weekend when it DID pour rain for a while during the pick-up time, that’s not bad at all! The guy that put it together wants to do the same thing next year, and although I was extremely apprehensive about it this year, now that we have done it once, I think it will be even better and easier to put together next time. (Note: as long as I’m not the one solely responsible for putting it together. THAT would be a problem!)

We made it to Lauren’s graduation Saturday, and we had a really good time! She’s dating one of Josh’s friends from college, so now when I see her, he gets to see him, so everybody knows each other! Needless to say, though, when we got home Saturday night, we were exhausted, and Sunday morning came way too early! But everything went very smoothly on Sunday as well…I wish we had more kids come for the first chapter of LWW, but maybe more next time!

This week I’ve got to stop procrastinating and get to planning the Variety Show I’ve scheduled for the Children’s Department at the end of May. It will be really fun…if I get to organizing it!

If anyone thinks about it, they can lift up Josh’s family in prayer. After having great success with adopting the oldest three of the four sisters, they are now having to face the possibility of Harlie, the baby, being taken away from them. They are going to fight for her, but we have no idea what will happen! Please pray that God will place this child where she is safest and most loved.


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