I am beginning to feel better about the move. I’ve finally got the resignation process started at church and everyone has been amazingly supportive. My last day there is June 20th, and there is TONS to do beforehand! It will be completely by God’s grace to make it through VBS and everything else.

Our house is on the market now, and we are just praying that it sells as quickly as possible. There are a lot of things we need to do to the house to make it look better. And not any time to do it!

So now…some wedding pictures for your enjoyment!


These were the groomsmen, they were really fun to work with.


“Classic” veil picture


“Classic” window picture


His ring


I LOVE this angle with the cross..sorry it’s not rotated, I haven’t done any editing yet!


This is the angle that I had during the ceremony. Not bad, except I didn’t anticipate her veil blocking her face!

Those are some of my favorites…there are many that I don’t care for!


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  1. Oh? Who’s wedding? I REALLY like the picture with the guy’s ring and the girl’s hands. 🙂

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