One daunting task down…

I know I am not in the habit of posting two days in a row, but I just want to share that the Variety Show is OVER!!! I think it went pretty well…it was rather chaotic, but in an organized way, and I think the kids really enjoyed sharing their talent. I had a couple girls that wanted to treat it like karaoke night, so hopefully I didn’t hurt their feelings by limiting them to one song. I also “officially” announced that we were leaving, so now, no more secrets!

Of course, since I was extremely busy with that yesterday, we got a call from our realtor saying that someone wants to look at our house this morning! So after we got back, we spent about 2 and a half hours cleaning. I don’t know what kind of cleanliness standards these people have, but in my eyes, it looks GREAT!!! Josh also completely packed up the guest room, so by looking at the stacks of boxes in that room, it actually looks like we are moving! I know that a house never sells after its first viewing, but it would be SUCH a miraculous answer to prayer of these people came and wanted to draw up a contract right away! I know logically it won’t happen…but God cannot be limited!


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