Guess I’ve been M.I.A. Although our internet is set up, the wireless is not working yet so it is currently only available in Josh’s office, which is in our loft. Which is a no baby zone. Which means I can only use it when Ava is sleeping and Josh is not on the computer. Which is why I can be on here now . (I have a desk downstairs with my lap top, so when we get wireless set up, I will not be as limited!)

So, where to start? It would be impossible to blog it all in one sitting, especially when there are still boxes that I should be unpacking, that would seem irresponsible.

The end of my job went very smoothly. I miss Cloverdale already, not because I miss the work, but because I miss having a church home. Since we haven’t found one yet here (give us a break, it’s our second week!), it kind of gives me a lost at sea feeling.

Our move went great! We had tons of help loading up the truck last Friday night. We spent the night with my parent (that way, we didn’t have to worry about lack-of-bed,) and Saturday was the fun part: moving into an upstairs apartment! It went fairly smoothly…the only injuries were all related to moving my upright piano up the stairs. Apparently, those things are pretty heavy.

Are we unpacked? That is a relative term! We still have boxes left, but our furniture is arranged, we have floor space, and I am able to cook and do laundry without searching for anything. Which reminds me, I need to switch the laundry out now.

OK, that’s done! How has Ellie made the transition to being an inside dog? Remarkably well! She had three accidents on our move-in day, so I was starting to panic because I have no idea how to potty train an older dog! But she’s done great ever-since! The laundry room (which, by the way, we weren’t expecting; the apartment we looked at had a kind of laundry closet, but it turns out this one has a laundry ROOM, which is awesome!) is “Ellie’s room”, we got her a bed and that’s where her food is. She stays in there overnight and when we’re not here. Otherwise, we walk her in the morning and at night, before putting her in her room, and after taking her out of her room. Walking Ellie is a major health benefit for us, it forces us to exercise! The only problem is when I walk her, she’s pretty much walking me. She’s gotten a little better, but she’s pulling me the whole way, and can be pretty stubborn about wanting to smell something or follow a trail I don’t want to take at times. It concerns me because when Josh starts work next week, if I take her out during the day, I’m going to have to take Ava, too. Does anyone have any tips on training a large dog to walk properly? Otherwise, Ellie LOVES being an inside dog. Air conditioning I imagine is a major plus for her, and she loves being around us. Ava has adjusted to this remarkably well, she’s not afraid to tell Ellie “No!” when she starts getting on her nerves! This also means that she needs a bath every week…to start off on move day, we had her groomed professionally, but today was Josh’s first time with Ellie in the bath tub. They both survived, but I’m not sure how much cleaner Ellie was when they finished!

Ava has done pretty well, too. I’m not sure if she realizes that this is home yet, or if she misses home at all! She definitely loves trying to get into things at a new place!

Our house…hasn’t sold. Please buy it! We went back Wednesday to give it a good cleaning. Josh finally finished the bonus room (which I neglected to take a picture of, so sorry!). And we arranged to have a lawn care service cut the grass occassionally until it sells. So it is all ready for someone to move in, we just need a buyer! And I am simply trusting God to provide one.

Some things I love about my “new life” so far:

  • Exercise! Not only do we have to walk the dog, but we also have to go up/down stairs every time we come/go! There are tons of PRETTY nature trails right around our apartment complex that encourage walking for the sake of walking. And we have full access to a pool and gym…that we haven’t even tried yet!
  • The woods! Our apartment is right on the edge of a forest! The kind with huge oak trees that have spanish moss hanging off! Even though this is the biggest city we have ever lived in, where we live has a more rural feel! Tree frogs are EVERYWHERE, and you can always hear them singing!
  • SPACE. This apartment just feels so spacious. Ava’s room is twice the size of her old room, so it won’t be a problem at all to fit her new bed and dresser in it when the new baby comes! I don’t have quite as much space in the kitchen, but that has prompted me to donate a LARGE box of kitchen things I don’t use to Goodwill….and don’t you try to stop me, if I’m not using it, I must not need it!
  • Having my husband at home! Alas, this dream will end on Monday, but this week of “vacation” has been great, even though we’ve spent it unpacking!

OK, I shall close for now and become a responsible human again. But some topics for the next blog: visiting churches, my new doctor group, and visiting hubby’s new office.


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  1. moving can be sooooo exhausting. but..I love moving because it always feels like a fresh start! I hope you all get finished with it as soon as you can!!! and that your wireless gets hooked up soon too!

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