One more adventure!

I haven’t posted a lot lately, even though I have plenty of material.

I’m about to go to camp for a couple of days! I was originally going to go all week (some of my kids from Cloverdale are going, and even when we found out we were moving I said I was still planning on going,) but I ended up with an appointment with my new doctor today, so I decided to wait until afterwards. I personally feel like it’s a good compromise, since my dad (camp director) thinks I’m too delicate to go at all, and since I’ve been committing to go to it since January. I’m going to be careful and take care of myself, but I don’t think pregnancy is a good enough excuse not to go to camp! (Or atleast not mine!) I just won’t be climbing into any top bunks, thank you very much.

Ava’s going up with me and staying with family, so Josh will be on his own until Friday afternoon. Hopefully this is long enough for him to get something done but short enough where he won’t get too lonely!

We had a good fourth, but didn’t do anything! It was great! My parents came and spent the day, and we did grill hamburgers for lunch, but it was all very low maintenance. We did go see fireworks and sat with some people from “church” (the church we are visiting I will call “church” because we haven’t completely decided if we are going to go there or not), but Ava cried the whole time. She loved them last year, who knew! I was scared of fireworks when I was little (OK, until I was like, 15), so I feel bad for taking her, but she’s usually brave and independent.

I need to pack Ava’s things, but I don’t want to wake her up. Hmmm…


One thought on “One more adventure!

  1. Yay for camp! I’m going to help out at one the last week of July. Maybe we’ll get to teach some of our campy songs!

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