I’m afraid I’m guilty of hiding here in my corner, reading Momaroo blogs, while I allow Ava to reorganize the apartment that I had every intention of cleaning today. So I suppose I could write a blog now.

This week has been very uneventful. I kind of wish we could get out of the house more, but with the price of gas, I am trying to discipline myself to only go out when it’s necessary.

Tonight we are heading “home” to visit with parents for the weekend. I’m helping with a baby shower for a high school friend tomorrow, so (again, with the price of gas!) we figured we should make it a weekend. I think it will be fun, although it will be Ellie’s first inside-dog trip. (Fortunately, my mom is willing to give her a shot!)

So, my crazy pregnacy brain has had thoughts on a before untouched subject: cloth diapering. Between the “going green” movement and the money it would eventually save (and the benefits I believe it could have with potty training,) I have actually been thinking about trying it. I’ve read a lot of things on the internet about it, but it would be really nice to get some tips from people that I actually know that do it. (And I don’t know that I know anyone who does it!) I’ve read some things that claim you have to spend a couple days pre-treating the diapers. If that is the case, it sounds like a lot of work! I’m also concerned about its initial expense. Although I know in the end you would save hundreds of dollars on disposables, buying 3 dozen pre-fitted cloth diapers at one time is pretty pricey. Plus, although we don’t do day-care, we do do church nursery, and how well will changing cloth diapers go over there? (Although I know I don’t have to be a “purist”, I can still keep disposables in the diaper bag for the sake of convenience for other people!) I would find it a lot more tempting if we had a diaper service here so that I don’t have to wash them myself, but we don’t, so that’s not an option. I kind of figured if I decided to try it I would actually do it with Ava first (as an encouragement for potty training), and then follow suit with the new baby if it worked out. We already have a ton of disposables for the new baby thanks to Cloverdale, so I need to use them, anyway. All that goes to say, has anybody else tried cloth diapering, and would you be willing to come spend, oh, say, a week here and teach me how to do it?

The student minister and his wife from “church” had us over for dinner the other day. I discovered a new discipline obstacle for Ava with their 3 year old son: hitting. To be honest, she kind of makes pops at me a lot, but I haven’t disciplined because they don’t hurt and a lot of times they seem more like “love pats” then an attempt at violence. But Layton did not quite see them that way, and came whining multiple times to his parents that Ava had hit him. And I saw her do it a couple times, so I know it was true, even if it wasn’t painful! Our solution for the other night was a couple time outs, but those are difficult at someone else’s house because they basically consist of Josh holding her down for the required 2 -3 minutes while she screams like she’s dying. Then he calms her down enough to tell her why she went to time out, makes her apologize, and sets her free. Not bad for a 21 month old, but I still feel a little inadequate in parenting. Is there a better way to enforce a “no hitting” rule without spanking?


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  1. My aunt used to use cloth diapers (at least on her oldest), and it does supposedly save a lot of money. It just seems like it would take a lot of dedication to have to clean all of those diapers…that’s one thing I’m not sure I could deal with.Not fun that Ava’s in a hitting phase. I hope she comes out of it soon. Wade was a biter, so we bit him back to make him stop. You can’t do that with hitting.

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