A Cabin Fever Infection

OK, so this staying home 24/7 to save on gas is nice and everything, but we have GOT to get out and go SOMEWHERE! Both Ava and I are cranky and unmotivated! I think we may go check out the library so we know what it’s like for future reference. I looked online, and they have “Baby Time” scheduled two mornings a week, which sounds like a great way to get Ava and myself out of the house and meet new moms and babies. But it doesn’t start until the school year starts in about 3 weeks, and we need something NOW! I do need to get some groceries, so that may have to do.

So, some of my blogging friends are in the photography business, and I am seeking opinions. I would really like to advertise myself on Craigslist for my area to do free photo shoots. I am basically trying to build a good portfolio, and the only money I intend to charge is if they want me to order their prints for them. (If they want to order them themselves, I will give them a CD of the images for free!) Oh, and if it’s not in town, I’ll probably ask to be reimbursed for mileage. Anyway, I feel like if I do this, I need to have a website set up so that people have an opportunity to look at a few of my pictures, learn a little bit about me, etc. I have a wonderful, computer savvy husband who is perfectly capable of helping me set up the site, but that is not my concern. But does my “business” need to have a name? Josh already has a business with a web site called LinkSoftSystems, and the easiest thing to do would be to call it “LinkSoft Photography” so that my website could just be a branch of his website (and therefore cost nothing!) But is that catchy enough? I don’t want anything too trendy, because it’s just me, and I intend to use my photography more as a ministry for people who can’t afford professional photos (but may be able to afford, say, a $70.00 package) than a money generating machine. And what all should the website have? I, of course, would have some of my pictures, probably organized onto different pages for different categories (weddings, engagements, etc.), a page with contact information, and a page with pricing information. I’d really like to keep it relatively simple. Anyway, any thoughts on the process, and links to some example sites, would be appreciated!


One thought on “A Cabin Fever Infection

  1. Hi, you can check out Cashwell photography’s web-site and we have another one in town called Fryers photography.

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