Not much to do with poop…

but I still wanted to use the word in the title!

I think it’s been long enough since a real blog to do a bullet post.

  • A couple weeks ago, we were arranging to have a family rent the house that we still own. It’s been on the market 10 months, and we had kind of talked about renting it out if it didn’t sell after a year, but this family just kind of dropped into our laps. They were going nuts in their apartment and looking for a place with a backyard so that their kids could get out and play, and they needed to be out of their apartment by the end of the month if they weren’t going to renew their lease. Their budget was higher than what we would need to cover our mortgage, so we decided to sign a 12 month lease with them and then see how the housing market is next year.
  • THE DAY that Josh was going to the house to hand over the keys and sign the lease agreement, the house flooded in a storm! The good news is we have flood insurance, so this will eventually be taken care of. The bad news is that this family had everything they owned on a U-Haul and was ready to move in! They had to go BACK to their apartment for at least another month, which then proceeded to partially flood itself! So they have one flooded room, one room full of boxes, and are living in the last room! I feel terrible – I know it’s not our fault that the house flooded, but it still puts them in a very tight spot!
  • Because of the above circumstances, we are going to start our Easter weekend a day early and go up there tomorrow so that Josh can meet with an insurance adjustor and a contractor. The good thing about that is we will be able to go to the Passion Play at Cloverdale, which I’m pretty excited about!
  • Church at the Movies is going pretty well. I’ve had the opportunity to write our preschool curriculum for the time being since we can’t really afford to buy curriculum. It’s really fun, I have a strange passion for writing curriculum!
  • I’m still leading a ladies small group. We’re really enjoying it, and are up to 7 people! We’re beginning to near the end of our study, though, so it is getting close to time to decide what we will do next.
  • I’ve been jogging pretty regularly since February! My goal is to jog 3 times a week, which most of the time I get. I think I’m up to 2.5 – 3 miles, which is my preferred distance for normal exercise. I’m going to have to look for a 5K to run in soon! I have dubbed my jog as my “half hour of by-myself-ness” and must confess it’s GREAT to get away from everything and do something for the pure enjoyment of it, even if it is healthy!
  • I have allowed Xanga to connect with Facebook, but I think I will regret it.

One thought on “Not much to do with poop…

  1. I’m so glad to see how God is allowing things to work out for you guys, even in the bad events. And look at this, it could up the value of your home, having to replace some of the stuff. So, consider that too. :)Can’t wait for more news,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~P.S. Has the family gotten to move in yet, or are they still working on stuff?

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