One Day Down!

Woohooo!!! We’ve made it through one day of Club VBS! It went extremely smoothly, too! I could not ask for anything better!

We had 17 kids! That doesn’t sound like a lot, but half of those kids don’t attend our church at all. Besides that, we’re not in it for the numbers…the important thing is that there are kids that are going to be exposed to the gospel that may have never heard it before!

Tonight should be pretty easy; it’s pizza night, so we’re picking up pizzas instead of cooking. (I’m SO glad Little Caesar’s does $5 Hot-n-Readys!) Everything is moved over from the church and the indoor facilities are decorated, so all we will have to do is set up the outside tents and tables. And we pretty much will mirror what we did last night, so we have a system.

Tomorrow will be a lot more difficult. We’re going to be fitting three days worth into one day, so it will be 6 hours long. It will be a different time of day, the food will be done completely different, and we’ll be throwing recreation into the mix. It’s going to be long and tiring and potentially stressful! So, really, any spare moments I have today will be devoted to preparing for tomorrow.

God is good!


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