How Publix Saved My Life

OK, so it didn’t save my life, but it does make it easier!

Before Israel was sitting up, going to the grocery store by myself was an incredible task. I had to carry him in the wrap, manage to get Ava into the cart while holding Izzy in the wrap, and manage to get all the groceries into the cart, onto the conveyor belt, and then to my car without losing children, purse, or diaper bag. I very rarely even ventured to go to the grocery store during the day while Josh was at work because it was so hard, but there are times, as you know, when you need milk so bad you’re willing to do it the hard way to get it.

But NOW that Israel is sitting up, my kids can ride in this puppy:


or, I should say, race car cart!

It’s beautiful, almost magical, the effect that this thing has on children! Not only does it comfortably FIT two preschoolers, but it ENTERTAINS them as well! There’s a steering wheel for each one, so no fighting. Ava, who is old enough to begin to grasp the concept of driving, thinks she’s actually responsible for where the cart goes, and Izzy, of course, is all boy and thrilled to get his hands on anything testosterone related. AND, the added bonus, Publix includes a sanitary wipes container installed in the cart so you can wipe it all down prior to using it. (I’ll confess I haven’t actually done that before, but as the flu inches its way closer to my area, it is not a bad idea to do it!) The only thing bad about it is it’s incredibly hard to steer.

So, there you have it folks, Publix gets my mom seal of approval for this invention!

(Unfortunately, we cannot afford to do all our grocery shopping at Publix. When Josh gets paid at the beginning of the month, I go to Wal-Mart [by myself] to buy all of our frozen foods and non-perishables for the month – which is a colossal task! Then I go to Publix once a week for milk, bread, and fruit, because it’s so much more convenient to where we live – and has the race car cart!)


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