Picture Post – Izzy’s Birthday!!!

OK, before I get into the birthday pics, check these out –


These are called (get ready!) Dragon Egg Pluots. I saw them at Publix (while shopping hungry – always a bad idea!) and couldn’t resist getting a couple to try because of the awesome name. When we got home I, of course, looked up Pluots to see what they are, and apparently they are the result of breeding plums and apricots together. There are actually several variations of this fruit, but I find the name Dragon Egg to be the coolest by far. Makes you feel like you’re in Harry Potter or something. (In case you were wondering how they tasted, they were OK, very plum-like!)

Alright, Israel turned one on September 15th. It’s hard to believe that my baby is quickly exiting baby-dom! On his actual birthday, we didn’t really do anything special, except for giving him his presents from us: a journal that we will write in through the years and give to him when he gets married (or some other monumental day, if he chooses not to get married), and his first pair of shoes! Yup, the child has spent his entire first year of life without shoes. Considering the fact that he is showing signs of walking in the next couple months, we thought he might need some –


The following Saturday, we had a house full of guests staying the night to participate in his dedication/party the next day. My mom was included, and she decorated this fabulous cake –


So on Sunday, the 20th, we dedicated Israel –


How many babies get to be dedicated in a movie theater??? (If anyone’s not familiar with the practice, it’s not infant baptism; it is really the parents making the commitment to raise the child in a godly home so that he will be equipped to live a Christian life as an adult.)

THEN, we went to lunch with our families and my friend Jenna, pictured with Israel here –


I love the toungue action! Jenna was awesome and came down for the celebration, but she had a family emergency and had to leave right before the party, so I made her photo op in the restaurant.

Then it was off to the park for the party! We were supposed to have a party in a pavilion behind a particular playground, but when we got there all of the pavilions were taken. (No, I did not reserve one, I was aiming to not spend any money on this thing!) This resulted in us moving all of our gear around several times, kind of like a progressive party. And of course, the play ground was a big attraction –


(This picture really shows the awesome-ness of my mother-in-law!) Finally, right at 2:30, which was when the party officially started, one of the pavilions miraculously cleared. So we moved our gear one more time, and had a very nice place for the party afterall!


As you can see here, Israel, who is making sweet eyes at his Aunt Kristy in this picture, was not particularly interested in his cake. None of it made it to his mouth. I guess it shows that he really just doesn’t do table food yet! He did like the ice cream and let Kristy feed him some. But no fun icing-all-over-everything pictures for him!


He did finally liven up a little bit when we got to the presents and found some toys. Up until this point, he had been very quiet and reserved. When we found a toy with buttons he could push, he came out of his shell a little bit! Happy baby at last!


Here is Izzy with his younger aunts and sister. I have to take one of these at every occassion because they are all growing up so fast!!! (Yes, somehow Ava scored a Barbie on her brother’s birthday!)

It was a very good day, although I might not have scheduled it for outside if I knew that it would be in the 90s at the end of September! It was HOT, and I am thankful we didn’t lose anyone to the heat!

So, yeah, my baby boy is definitely growing up…


No, he’s not walking yet, but he’s standing unassisted more and more, and I don’t think it will be long! Surprisingly enough, I’m actually a little excited about the prospect of him walking, because then it will be more fun to take the kids to the park in this nice fall weather. And since he’s pulling up and cruising, he’s already getting into everything, anyway!

I am extremely pleased to have reached my goal to breastfeed for an entire year! Now we are having to make some decisions about weaning. For right now I’ve cut out the mid-morning and mid-afternoon and dinnertime feedings and replaced them with cows milk, which he seems to like fine. This means during the day I’m nursing first thing in the morning, right after lunch, right after nap, and right before bed. (Right now there’s one middle of the night feeding most of the time.) That looks like a lot, but it’s only about half of what I was doing before! I’m pretty torn on the issue, because I kind of like the idea of him self-initiating weaning (and of course I love that special time with him!), but it would also be nice to know when he will be weaned because we have some events coming up that would be easier if we could be apart. (Namely, a girls’ bachellorette weekend at the beginning of November.) I’m thinking right now we should continue to take it slow. He still doesn’t really like tablefood, and I’m hesitant to wean him entirely before he has a regular schedule of meat in his diet. I kind of have a mental deadline for nursing at 18 months, since I know with Ava that was the point that she really started to transition from infancy to childhood. And really, now that he does drink milk and juice, the only way nursing limits me is I can’t be away from him overnight. I’m able to go out without worrying about being back in 2 hours, and I’m doing things that I never dreamed that I would be doing while lactating, like running 5Ks!


2 thoughts on “Picture Post – Izzy’s Birthday!!!

  1. Hi.. I was just passing by, but didn’t wanted to leave without droppin you a message! :)Love that name! Dragon Egg! :)Happy belated to Israel. Looks like he had an awesome party!

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