Picture Post – Ava’s Birthday!

OK, so Ava’s birthday was on the 11th. I didn’t want to throw a big, blow-out party, so we sort of had a progressive birthday. (In the end, it would have probably been easier just to do the party, but it was still fun!) So these pics will sum it up:

The day before her birthday, we met Layton and his family at a pumpkin patch that a church does in town. In addition to pumpkins, they have pony rides and other activities:


Both our kids had their first pony ride! Unfortunately, it was in the 90s that day, so by the time we got to the pumpkins, the kids were really too hot to take the cute pictures I was hoping for:


That was the best we could get!

After Ava went to bed, Josh and I got creative with cakes. In keeping with the pumpkin theme, we ended up with these:


Her actual birthday came, so after church and lunch there were friends and cake and presents!


Very much a princess theme in the gifts! As well as some Play-Doh brought by our friends Lauren and Jim:


Then, this past weekend we went to visit our families and celebrate her birthday with them. On Friday night, we had a princess dinner with Ava’s Gigi and aunts. I did everyone’s hair and makeup, and we all put on our fancy smancy dresses, and Josh was “Arm Prince”/Waiter:



THEN, on Sunday, we celebrated Ava’s birthday AGAIN with my parents! (My mom’s birthday is Wednesday, so we were also celebrating hers.)


That’s Ava wearing the Eric Carlle helmet my parents gave to her – still attached to the package holding the knee pads!

So, all that goes to say, my baby girl is 3!!!!


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