Happy December!

I should totally be accomplishing something on my long list of things that need to be accomplished…yesterday! But I’m taking a mental health hour. So there.

So November was probably the craziest month we’ve had since moving here. I think I was out of town more days than I was home! I had a Bachelorrette weekend the 6th – 8th. Then my mom had a hysterectomy the 11th, so I went to stay with them the night before and spend 3 nights there. Then Josh and I went to the Rehearsal/Ceremony for the wedding that he was in the 13th and 14th, and then we stayed with my parents again until the 15th. I was actually planning on staying there longer to help mom out, but I realized that I was having to give all my attention to the kids and therefore wasn’t helping her that much, so I went ahead and went home! Then on the 20th we went back out of town for the wedding that Ava and I were in, but we came back the 21st. Then on Wednesday we went back to our parents’ for Thanksgiving, and didn’t come home until Saturday! On top of that, the 4 day period between Jenna’s wedding and Thanksgiving we had Stacey, one of Josh’s little sisters, staying with us, and then when we came home from Thanksgiving we brought Tori home with us for a night!

I am relieved to make it through, but December isn’t a whole lot better! This coming weekend we’ll be in town (thank goodness!), then the next weekend we have a roadtrip to go see two of my friends graduate with their masters at two different universities in two different states, then the next weekend we’re taking a four day trip to Atlanta to visit friends and then go to a family reunion, then the next weekend…is Christmas! Whoa! One of us is bound to get sick before this is all over!

So I haven’t been a good little blogger and made any inspiring Thanksgiving posts, but here are some late “I am thankfuls” in regards to November:

~ I am thankful that my mom made it through surgery extremely well. They were able to take her uterus laproscopically, which also greatly improved her recovery time. In fact, she went back to work yesterday!

~ I am thankful for our friends, Jay and Kristy, who got married on the 14th. (Josh got to be a groomsman!) Jay has always been an amazing friend to Josh, he was Josh’s Best Man, and he’s always been there for Josh. He always goes out of his way to take care of us. He’s one of the few guys I overhear Josh talking to on the phone that they say “I love you” when they hang up. And, ladies, you know that that’s a big deal for guys to say! Kristy didn’t come into the picture until a couple years ago, but she has the sweetest spirit and is the perfect match for Jay. I know that God is going to bless their marriage and use them as an example of what marriage is supposed to look like!

~I am thankful that my super mother-in-law kept my kids for us so that we could go to Jay and Kristy’s wedding without having to keep up with them! Mini-vacation!

~ I am thankful that Ava and I had the opportunity to participate in our friend, Jenna’s, wedding on the 21st. I was the Matron of Honor and Ava was the Leaf Girl. (She threw fall leaves instead of petals!) I met Jenna the year that I worked at Cloverdale. She had gotten her undergrad degree at an out of town college, and had just moved back home to attend grad school. I was new to Dothan and didn’t really know anyone near my age. Our church did not have many 20-something people, but God brought Jenna into my life and I will forever be greatful! We met working with the kids’ discipleship training class, and soon discovered that we needed each others’ friendship! Jenna really was a lifesaver with me that year. I knew that I could always count on her to help with anything church-related, and that she would do it out of her love for Jesus, so she didn’t ever complain or use ministry as a way to work her way up the church politics ladder. Not only was Jenna super helpful in my ministry, she also enjoyed hanging out at my place and jumped right into our family. Even after I moved, she has come to visit several times and even came to help me with VBS! Jenna has a special bond (or maybe it’s a patience!) with my kids, exhibited by how excited she was that Ava was in her wedding. It was such an honor to be included in her special day! (Oh, and Jenna’s new husband, Tyler, he’s OK, too! )

~ I am thankful that Jenna’s rehearsal dinner was at the Blue Plate. Yum!

~ I am thankful that Jenna’s wedding was at Cloverdale so that I got to see some familiar faces in the process!

~ I am SUPER thankful that Ava made it through the wedding without doing anything horribly embarrassing. I tell you, that was stressful!! (She did stop at the beginning of the stairs and took a good 30 seconds or so to finish emptying her leaf bucket before she would ascend the stairs, finally turning it upside down completely. And during the ring vows she got awfully close to the couple staring up at them with mouth open. Fortunately, those things were cute and not disruptive!)

~ I am thankful that we got to have extended time hanging out with Stacey, and that she didn’t get too bored while she was here!

~ I am thankful that we got to see both of our families on Thanksgiving Day.

~ I am thankful that I got to see my friend Amy (who now lives like 4 hours away from me!) the day after Thanksgiving, AND she had me take pictures of her and her husband for her Christmas cards/gifts! You want to see??? OK, just one peek…


For the rest, you’ll have to wait until I do a picture post!

~ I am thankful that on Saturday night, we got to meet with some of our buddies and hang out. The plan was to hang out with Jim and Lauren, (Jim is a friend of Josh’s from college and Lauren is a friend of mine from high school and they hung out with us once at the same time and, well…the rest is history!), and Freddie and Emily (more friends of Josh from college,) and then Jay and Kristy (who I’ve already mentioned!) surprised and drove the couple of hours to meet us there! We had such a good time, I only wished we could have stayed longer!

~ I am thankful that my amazing sister-in-law, Heather, is now engaged to be married! Her fiance really outdid himself on Sunday to treat her to a totally romantic proposal. We’re so happy for you, Heather!

OK, well, there’s more, but I think my mental health hour has turned into an hour and a half!

Next up: a picture post and maybe some Christmassy things to help get me in a Christmas spirit!


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