Project 365 – Day 3

I almost forgot to do a picture, but I am putting off sleep just so I can.

Sorry folks, but it’s going to have to be another wedding picture…I haven’t taken any pictures since, and there are just too many fun ones to not post one!

P1010784 bnw copy copy

I kind of have a thing for taking close-ups of brides holding their bouquets. I especially love this one because it also captures her necklace and the detail of her dress. The “mono with a splash of color” effect is really popular – I’ve wanted to do it for several years but didn’t know how. Well, I forced myself to do the research and figure it out last night, so now I know! I love it with this picture since she had the one red rose in her bouquet. And that editing style was easier than I had thought it would be, so I’ll be able to use it quite often! (Don’t want to overdo it though – two or three for each wedding max!)

Hopefully soon I’ll have time to do more posting than just Project 365!


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