Project 365 – Day 5

Before some concerned people call my land lord, I figured I better include an “after” shot…


Yes, believe it or not, that’s the same room! (Pretty much the only common thread between the two pictures is the wall art, I know!) I have regained the floor in my living room, at least I had for a few minutes when this picture was taken. Of course, it’s cluttered again now, but much more bearable clutter than what was.

I’m getting the hang of this! About an hour before sleep, I update Project 365, then I do my Bible reading (trying to read through it in a year!), then sleep!


One thought on “Project 365 – Day 5

  1. I loved the pic before where the Christmas tree was in the playpen! haha.. so great!! 🙂 And I love here how the dog is sleeping in the sun spots! 🙂 I am enjoying your 365 project!

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