Project 365 – Day 6

Today’s picture was actually taken yesterday, but you know what, I make up the rules to this project, I can post whatever I want to!


This is my little man and his favorite blanket. Ava never really latched on to a specific blanket or toy as a “lovey.” She does like to sleep with a stuffed animal, but any one will do. So I never had high expectations for Izzy, but I do believe he’s adopted this blanket (it was given to us as a baby gift when Ava was born) as his “lovey.” He’ll go get it out of the crib when he is distressed, tired, or just because, and carry it around as you see here. I try to remember it when we go anywhere out of his comfort zone, like on a trip or to the doctor to get shots. He’s having a minor surgery in a couple weeks to correct a clogged tear duct, and the blanket WILL be going with us!


One thought on “Project 365 – Day 6

  1. aww, cute! Asher has a little bear bear.. bear bear goes everywhere with us! I hope we never lose that bear – or we’re in trouble!

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