Project 365 – Day 7

OK, so for today’s picture, you get a picture taken from today! Or two pictures, kind of…

P1011091_double copy

These are my babies on the playground today! Do note the hats that Gramma made them for Christmas – they’ve come in very handy in this cold snap, as we don’t have cold weather enough to justify buying winter clothes! Every day that it’s nice outside we walk the dog and then spend 15-30 minutes on the playground. So you may get a good many playground pictures throughout the year as they are always fun to take!

This photo editing technique is one that I noticed the photographers at Jay’s wedding used. I particularly remember that they combined a picture of Kristy getting into her dress that one photographer took with a shot the other one got of her mother watching while it was happening. The mother picture was to the side, black and white, and slightly narrower than the bride picture. So I figure I better learn the technique! This isn’t exactly how I want this one, but this is the first time I’ve successfully combined two pictures in Photo Shop and I’m tired, so yay for learning something! It’s pretty cute, too!


One thought on “Project 365 – Day 7

  1. Sadness….it’s like Izzy is the main event and Ava’s in the background all small and far away….new vs. old….[tear]

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