Project 365 – Day 9

Thank goodness the day’s date is in the bottom corner of my screen under my clock! Every time I do this, I have a “oh no, what day is it?” panic moment, and then I realize it’s right there. Of course, after January, that won’t help me unless I feel like doing math, which I don’t. So I’ll have to start glancing at what the previous day’s number was before I click “blog now.” But I digress.

Today’s pictures doesn’t look that significant, but it bears a great deal of significance…


Can you figure out what the big deal about the picture is??? No? OK, look back at the picture of this child from three days ago, the one where he’s holding the blanket. Now look at this one. Yup, you can see his eyes now! Josh gave him his first hair cut! He actually surprised me and did it while I was out running this morning, so I did not get to take any pictures of the process. (It’s probably better that way, I’m much too emotionally attached to his curls!) But here he is now, such a little man! Josh did a really good job, it was his first time doing a hair cut using scissors (he cuts his own hair with clippers), and a 1 year old is a pretty squirmy subject! My boy is really growing up!!!


3 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 9

  1. Oh no, I’m gonna cry. He looks like a little man now and so much like his daddy at that age. I feel like I’m looking at my baby boy again.

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