Project 365 – Day 12


Today’s picture recognizes an accomplishment for Ava – she learned how to write a B today! This is not her first one; she had to practice some to come up with this. I taught her how to write an A, oh, about 2 months ago, and at the time thought I would stop while I was ahead. But now we’re going through an “ABC” unit with preschool at church where every week is about a different person in the Bible whose name starts with that week’s letter. (We kicked it off last week with “A is for Adam” and this week I’m trying to choose between “B is for Barnabas” and “B is for Boaz.”) So I figured that I should capitalize on that and teach her the letters as we go! She now can write an uppercase B, identify it in a book, and she knows it makes a “buh” sound. We did talk a little about the lowercase “b”, but I quickly discovered that that is going to be more difficult to teach due to its similarity to “d.”


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