Project 365 – Day 13

You’re really lucky. I came very, very close to skipping a day due to exhaustion and the fact that I didn’t have a picture that inspired me. But then I had to come out of the bedroom to get my Bible, anyway, and I had a picture idea at the last minute, so here I am.


This may seem like a strange picture, but after the past two weeks of extreme coldness in Florida, I would like to give a shout out to lotion, specifically Suave Advanced Therapy lotion. Josh, Ava, and myself all have dry, cracking hands, and therefore have been using this stuff quite liberally. This lotion is by far the most affordable and effective that I have found. It also has a nice, very light scent that wouldn’t clash with perfume/body spray/cologne if I actually had the time to put any on. Thank you, Suave Advanced Therapy, for making winter a teeny, tiny bit more bearable.

Now if I had thought to bring my camera with me today, I could have gotten an awesome picture of Ava at her first dentist appointment. Alas, I did not think of it until it was too late!


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