Project 365 – Day 18

This morning, my son had his first (and hopefully last for a while!) surgery! So of course, for today’s picture, I had to get one of him and his little hospital gown…

P1011618 P1011621

OK, so that’s technically two pictures, but I had to give the full effect!

Izzy did very well! The surgery part was fine. The couple hours after surgery were very rough for Mom and Dad. He was crying unconsolably, I believe because he was very hungry from not eating since dinner the night before, tired from getting up two hours early, disoriented from the anasthesia, and surrounded by strangers in a strange place. Once he came home and had a meal and a good nap, he was right as rain! Apparently kids bounce back fast.

I’m plucking away at editing pictures from my engagement shoot last Friday. My goal is to have it to the bride this week so that she has a full week to put together a slide show for her reception. It can be a lot of work – no wonder people get paid for this!!!


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