Project 365 – Day 19

For today’s picture, we have a recreational activity…


Here is Ava trying out her new (to us) Barbie scooter, not to mention the protective gear that her grandparents gave her for her birthday! (How many kids get The Very Hungry Catipillar helmets???) We had an EXTREMELY nice day today, providing much relief after the two week cold front! So we decided to take the kids outside after Josh got home, assisted by the fact that Ava found the scooter we had hidden in the garage (Josh found it by the dumpster!) and was begging us to let her try it out. She did remarkably well! (Slow, but well!)

I’ve been editing engagement pictures – I have to have them done by Friday – and boy, is it tedious! I counted that I have 48 left that have not been edited. Granted, some of them won’t need editing at all, and most of the rest will just need a little lightening, but it is still time consuming!


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