Project 365 – Day 20

I’m done with editing this engagement shoot – whew! Actually, done is not the right word. I’ve learned that with photo editing, you don’t finish; you just find a good stopping point! And my exhaustion has helped me decide what that stopping point is! I’m pretty pleased, due to the circumstances of the photo shoot I was only expecting to have about 20 good shots, but I am giving her about 80, and I’d estimate that about 40 of those are really good shots, 15 or so are repeats of those shots with different effects, and then the rest are OK, too!

Now the disadvantage to having done ALL that work, is I can only pick one picture for my blog! So for today, I’m going to use the first picture I got really excited about…

P1011204_fresh copy

OK, there are so many elements about this that I love! I was disappointed when I viewed this picture on the computer; I love, love the pose and her facial expression, but the picture was a little blurry due to the poor lighting that we had. (That is a battle I am constantly fighting with my camera. Focusing in dim light.) I was pretty miffed to mess up such a great picture because of a little blur. But I discovered that by making it black and white, it looks like it’s supposed to be that way! The border I have to give credit to my friend Jim – he taught me the technique on Sunday. Such an awesome way to give a picture a little extra pop, and so easy! I’m also super excited about the font – I found it for free online, and it by far surpasses all the “romantic” fonts on my computer. This picture doesn’t showcase it as well as some of the others do, but it’s amazing!


3 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 20

  1. Don’t know where you found this one, but is fabulous….I downloaded soooo many fonts on my old computer. Only downside is that it slowed my computer down A LOT because it had so many more to remember! I’ll have to show you some of the ones I found sometime–a preview of sorts, so that you don’t have to bog your computer down with ones that don’t turn out to be what you want.

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