Project 365 – Day 21

I really struggled with which engagement picture to select for today’s Project. You see, I really, really adore black and white photography. So I tend to put my best pictures in black and white (don’t worry, I give my client a copy of the colored version, as well!), and then I want to put the black and white pictures on here because, well, I love them! But I told myself today that I was NOT going to put black and white up, because I want to show that I am capable of colored photography as well….*sigh.* I’m not making the same promise for tomorrow, though! Anyway, without further ado, today’s picture…

P1011161_date copy

For every couple, I always try to do a “date” picture – a good, happy close-up of the couple with their names and wedding date. (Can be used for invitations, wedding favors, etc.! And, yes, that font still rocks, I know!) Anyway, this picture, I put a lens blur behind the couple. It took two days and watching a tutorial video on youtube like 4 times to get the technique down, but I am really pleased with the result! And I really think this picture reflects how far I’ve come – a couple years ago I tried to do this effect in an engagement picture for my friend Amy, and it was really. really. aweful. My facebook friends can go back and try to find it if you dare, but warning, it’s BAD! I’m not saying this picture is perfect, but it is so. much. better!!! It is encouraging for me to see that I can learn how to do these things the right way and they actually can look good! (I have never had much confidence in the “artsy” department before!)

I spent WAY too much time on craigslist today looking at photography gigs all over the country. It occurred to me that, although I’ve been limiting myself to gigs within a 3 hour radius at home, I could actually use gigs to finance trips for us to see our families! Josh and I both have grandparents that can’t travel who live a considerable distance from us, and we can’t afford to see them very often because of gas money. I realized today that, since I ask for mileage on top of my wedding packages, I could check for jobs around where they live and use them to create a trip to see grandparents! And we would be staying with them, so there would be no hotel expense involved! Although that would offer a considerable amount to a wedding package, the most I’m having to ask in mileage is $250 (it’s a 13 hour trip to Josh’s grandfather’s), and my most expensive wedding package right now is $250, so the bride would still be spending $500.00, which is still a relatively competitive rate. So I sent out some e-mails today, nothing may come of them, but I thought it would be worth a shot!

As a side note to readers who are not interested in photography, I promise I’m not trying to turn this into a photography blog. I’m sorry that some days that is all I have to blog about! I promise I will continue to blog about other things, as well!


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