Project 365 – Day 25

I’ve been editing maternity pictures this evening, so that’s what today’s picture is from…


OK, everybody say it together: Awwwwww…. Seriously, Bobby (da baby’s daddy!) saw my “mono with a splash of color” effect that I used on a wedding picture, and he got really excited and asked me to do that to a maternity picture. I wasn’t sure how I would tie that in, but then Cynthia suggested this. Pretty cool!

Was supposed to meet with a bride tonight, but she called an hour before our meeting to postpone since she had a flat tire. I would be anxious except she’s already expressed that she wants to hire me over e-mail/phone, and I feel like I already kind of know what to expect. However, the wedding is April 17th, and she wants engagement pics, so we’re going to have to squeeze those in!

Also got an e-mail about doing a wedding in July today. That was really, really encouraging; at the end of last week I spent several hours on craigslist posting ads and responding to ads and, until now, got NO responses, which was really DIScouraging. It was such a relief to glance at my Pink Shutterbug inbox this morning and actually see an e-mail there! The wedding is over 3 hours away, but it’s a beach wedding, which in my mind cancels out some of that distance! And they want engagement pictures, too! Of course, it’s not a “done deal,” but it’s a very positive sounding one!


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 25

  1. Just let us know if you want/need photographic reinforcements again at any point. šŸ˜‰ Congrats on all the opportunities!!

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